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  • Meet Ameeka Shenoy

    What’s your ultimate goal?
    I’m still trying to figure that one out.

    Two of the biggest problems in society our society and economy and so if you have a major in sociology and economics it covers all the basis…it’s just really important to know. I take a great interest in both, seeing how society works is just a fascinating thing. The interaction between people and what motivates them to interact in certain ways, whether its culture or race or background…it’s fascinating. I actually had no idea what sociology was when I came to college. My grandma was a sociology professor so she just gave me a brief background so I was like, “hey I’m gonna declare sociology!” Then when I came here I took soc1 with Dr. Snow and it was one of the most fascinating classes I’ve ever taken and I just stuck with it.

    Humans of UCI
    (Inspired by Brandon Stanton’s work with Humans of New York)
    Presented by The Hill, Humans of UCI is the opportunity for our online audience to learn about the Anteater community.

  • Did Jeremih ever tell ‘em?

  • "Attempt."

    I think they meant to say, “going to break the Guinness world record because we’re boss like that.”

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  • To Bed Bath…AND BEYOND.

    Yes, Bed Bath & Beyond will be on campus this weekend! Forgot your pillows or scented lotions? Don’t worry. They’ll be located on Ring Road in front of Starbucks. Happy shopping!