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  • Haaaaaaaaaaave you been to TechHub?

  • You know Harold and Maude, the ducks?

    Well, meet Princess Sally Acorn.
    Inspired by the Wikipedia list of fictional rodent names.

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  • Meet Angela Nguyen

    What advice would you give to new students?
    Things are a lot better when you take it easy and you don’t do things to seriously.

    A lot of stuff has happened in the past year or so in regards to life, family matters, Friends. And it kind of makes you focus on what’s important in life. Even when things aren’t really going how you wish they would…you just gotta keep rolling with the punches and take it as it is. 

    Humans of UCI
    (Inspired by Brandon Stanton’s work with Humans of New York)
    Presented by The Hill, Humans of UCI is the opportunity for our online audience to learn about the Anteater community.

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  • Start up on some good habits!

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  • Having some feels for #musicmondays

    Watch this X-Factor audition and let us know what you think. Any one in the Irvine community try out for a show like this?