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    By Jazlyn Nguyen

    It has been a few weeks since my move-out day and I am struck in disbelief. Freshman year was definitely like a roller coaster ride with its ups and downs, but the memories it left me remain unforgettable.

    I still can’t believe my first year of college has gone by much faster…

    ^totes true. 

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  • Peter: Catbug, if you find sugar peas in the food court you don’t have to drop them..
    Catbug: OK!

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  • The Marketing Team at The Hill absolutely loves Catbug. So much that we’ve started quoting it in our daily activities.

    Catbug is a character from CartoonHangover’s series Bravest Warriors. Here’s the link to the original video:…

    The video inspired to have recreate the drama scene with some of the plushies we carry in the store. Hope you like it. And a huge thank you to AdultHangover for bringing the world Catbug. Because sometimes when it gets tough we remind ourselves here at the marketing office that “everything is ok!”

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  • Have you met Willie?


    Haaaave you met Willie?

    This is Willie and he works in the marketing department. He’s a 3rd year computer science major here at UCI hailing from Montebello.

    Willie, what was your most memorable working experience?Redesigning The Hills ecommerce website.

    Woah! That was you? Sweet. What about your most interesting UCI experience?
    A 48 hour hackathon called HackUCI that had food and competition for days!

    So why’d you decide to work at The Hill?
    Because I felt that the experience I would receive would be unique as is be working towards pushing an actual business forward.

    Do you have a favorite quote?
    "Behind every tree, there’s a new monster" - Todd Rundgren

    What about your favorite class?
    Alex Thorton ICS 32. Very fun and challenging.

    What about your favorite movie?
    Back to the Future.

    The Beatles.

    Where do you study?
    In a baby and kid free zone.

    Any advice to future anteaters?
    Don’t ever give up on your dreams even if you feel like you can’t. Oh and zot zot :)

    Pick a super power, go!
    Reading minds because then you control everything

    What’s your favorite food? Nom nom.
    Pizza!!!!! Pizza is life.

    Can you name five things peole don’t normally know about you?

    1) I was born on Friday The 13th
    2) One time I went to school in Mexico for 6 months
    3) I rejected my admission offer from Hogwarts to attend UCI
    4) I have a surf song uploaded on YouTube
    5) I am the cofounder of Club Hill. I play music or look up new technology ideas.

    Is there a dream job you have?
    Owning my own software company.

    Any last minute shout-outs?
    Much love to the Marketing Team!

    Awhhh, we love you too Willie x0x0x0.
    We’ve got more student staff profiles coming soon, so be sure to check our Tumblr for updates and more goodies :)

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  • An emmy is coming…

    Congrats to David Benioff!

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